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The Big 900 KFAL – Your 首页 for Country Legends. Fulton, Missouri – You found us! Easily listen to The Big 900 wherever you go for all your favorite Classic Country music. Featuring local sports from the Fulton Hornets, 北卡拉威雷鸟, and the South Callaway Bulldogs. Set the alarm to wake-up with 里克•摩根 in the morning, 5a-9a. Middays with Linda Flores, The Dave Ramsey Show, 马克·史蒂文斯, 罗伯•李, and 凯文·弗里曼.

1000瓦. Mid-Missouri, from Fulton to outlying cities such as Columbia.


  • 72.4%的男性
  • 27.6%的女性
  • 57.2%年龄在35岁以上
  • 44.7% have a Household Income over $50K


Weekday On Air Schedule and Personalities

MORGAN IN THE MORNING has always been a morning person so this job is perfect for him. In fact, he credits it with keeping his marriage together for 26 years. His wife says if he was at the breakfast table everyday she’d been out of there long ago. His daughters will second that. 这个男孩确实喜欢说话! He …

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我喜欢各种各样的音乐! But country music is my favorite! When I was younger I dreamed of being a record producer and the girl singer for Asleep at the Wheel! ATTW的雷·本森..

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I was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, where I grew up a Cubs fan among all the White Sox fans. 多年来,我一直在等待……..and waited…finally in 2016 it happened! I guess I’m good for another 108 years now. I knew that radio was in my blood from the time I was 12. 我第一次……

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I grew up listening to WLS in Chicago and knew from a young age I wanted to be on the radio. I took a detour when I joined the Army and served in the 1st Infantry Division and after basic training and AIT, I spent my entire tour overseas. Contrary to what you may hear, I…

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I caught the radio bug at a young age. As a kid he would lay in bed at night listening to stations from Chicago, 辛辛那提, 纳什维尔和匹兹堡. Then as a teenager, he got to work at his high school radio station.   FYI, I’m slightly taller than..

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Weekend On Air Schedule and Personalities


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When we first started advertising with Zimmer 正规现金赌场公司 & 营销集团, we didn’t expect such an immediate response, 但实际上是同一天, we started getting phone calls and were gaining new clients on a weekly basis. The creative group was so good at understanding what 威特印刷店 needed. They nailed my ads to a tee right off the bat with only knowing me for literally 2 hours. I would highly recommend Zimmer to anybody who wants any type of increase in business. 电台广告作品.
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